Lesson 8 and 9 of “Bootstrap”

Today I completed Lesson 8 and 9 of “Bootstrap”. Lesson 8 taught me about drop down menus, which are menus like navigation bars, except they can extend to reveal more links/information. Lesson 9 taught me how I can use other Bootstrap examples as a starting point for my own projects. I also went back and improved my “Project: Tell A Story” project. I had forgotten to add multiple pages and instead only had one animation.

Lesson 7 of “Bootstrap”

Today I completed lesson 7 of “Bootstrap”, which taught me about navigation bars. Navigation bars are a really easy way for users to navigate a website’s many different pages. You can easily create a navigation bar by putting everything in a div with the class .container, creating a header for the navigation bar with the tag <nav>, and creating a <ul> for the navigation bar’s components.