Lesson 10 of “Bootstrap” 6/11/18

Today I finished the tenth lesson of “Bootstrap”, titled: “Bootstrap Challenges”. The lesson consisted of 4 different challenges to complete with Bootstrap. The first one required me to create a “Sticky Navbar”, which is a navigation bar that has a fixed location on the page and stays there even as you scroll away. It’s useful because it allows you to always have access to the navbar wherever you are on the page. The second challenge was “Adding Interactions”, where I used Bootstrap and CSS to create buttons that would appear when you hovered over the panel it was attached to. This was tricky, because you had to set up the CSS selector like this: .parent:hover .child{}, in order to select the buttons using the panels. The 3rd challenge was easy, all I did was take a template from online and add HTML to create a team page.

JQuery Fun CodePen.io Assignment part2 6/7/18

Today is the second day that we worked on the JQuery Fun project on codepen.io. We set up rows and columns using divs with classes of row/col. Not only by working on this project did I learn about JQuery, I learned a lot about JavaScript, including the basic setup/skeleton of JavaScript. We also played around with different functions in JavaScript that affect the HTML. For example, we used JavaScript to make one of the columns disappear and then reappear using the fadeOut and fadeIn functions.

JQuery Fun Codepen.io Assignment part 1 6/5/18

Today we started the JQuery Fun prject on codepen. We only had enough time today to finish the basic html structure and add a few buttons. I also learned how to add components into the meta by clicking the gear next to “html”. Adding components such as Bootstrap 4 and JQuery allows us to do many more things with the code, part of which we will use for this assignment.